Shared Mobility Policy Playbook

Authors: Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Michael Randolph, Emily Farrar, Richard Davis, and Aqshems Nichols

Date: December 2019


The Shared Mobility Policy Playbook provides an introduction and definitions of shared mobility services, mode-specific resources for agencies looking to develop policies in their community, and policy-focused tools demonstrating case studies and best practices for shared mobility.

This playbook has been designed for individuals and practitioners who want to know more about shared mobility and to communities interested in incorporating shared mobility into their transportation ecosystem. It is a practical guide with resources, information, and tools for local governments, public agencies, and non-governmental organizations seeking to incorporate and manage innovative and emerging shared mobility services. The following are suggested uses of this playbook:

  • Access shared mobility resources including: opportunities, lessons learned, and best practices for deploying shared mobility across the United States.
  • Use this playbook as a guide for strategic transportation planning and incorporating shared mobility into transportation plans and models.
  • Reference best practices, lessons learned, and case studies to aid public policy development.

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March 3, 2020