TitleDate PublishedAuthor(s)CitationNo. of PagesFull Document
Policy Brief: Preserving Privacy in Road User Charge (RUC) Architectures2018_03_01Alexandre Bayen, PhD, Teddy Forscher, Susan Shaheen, PhDPolicy Brief2PDF
Policy Brief: Spatio-Temporal Road Charge, A Potential Remedy for Increasing Local Street Congestion2018_03_01Alexandre Bayen, PhD, Teddy ForscherPolicy Brief2PDF
Smartphone Applications to Influence Travel Choices: Practices and Policies2016_04_01Susan Shaheen, PhD Adam CohenReport90PDF
Shared-Use Mobility: What Does the Future Hold?2015_02_26Susan Shaheen, PhD, and Matthew Christensen, MPLReport7PDF
App-Based, On-Demand Ride Services: Comparing Taxi and Ridesourcing Trips and User Characteristics in San Francisco2014_11_06Lisa Rayle, Susan Shaheen, Ph.D., Nelson Chan, Danielle Dai, Robert CerveroReport21PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Summer 20142014_07_01Susan Shaheen, Ph.D and Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
Intelligent Transportation Systems2013_12_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Rachel FinsonReport45PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Summer 20132013_07_01Susan Shaheen, Ph.D. and Adam CohenOutlook6PDF
Exploring the Future of Integrated Transportation Systems in the United States from 2030 to 2050: Application of A Scenario Planning Tool2012_11_15Susan Shaheen, Kunik LeeTransportation Research Board18PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Fall 20122012_09_30Susan A.Shaheen, Ph.d. and Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
California Department of Transportation, District 4 Employee Bikesharing Pilot Program Evaluation2011_02_06Susan A. Shaheen, Ph.D., Madonna Camel, and Meera VeluReport44PDF
EasyConnect II: Integrating Transportation, Information, and Energy Technologies at the Pleasant Hill BART Transit Oriented Development2009_12_11Susan A. Shaheen, Caroline Rodier, Tagan Blake, Jeffrey R. Lidicker, and Elliot MartinReport136PDF
EasyConnect: Low-Speed Modes Linked to Public Transit Field Test Results2008_09_06Susan A. Shaheen, Ph.D. and Caroline J. Rodier, Ph.D.Report72PDF
EasyConnect: Low-Speed Modes Linked to Transit Planning Project2006_06_01Susan A. Shaheen, Ph.D. and Caroline Rodier, Ph.D.Report8PDF
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Consumption: Sustainable Approaches for Surface Transportation2006_06_01Susan Shaheen, Timothy LipmanIATSS Research15PDF
EasyConnect II:Integrating Transportation, Information, and Energy Technologies at Transit Oriented Developments2005_07_01Susan A. Shaheen, Ph.D., Caroline J. Rodier, Ph.D., and Joshua SeeligTransportation Research Board12PDF
Intelligent Transportation Technology Elements and Operational Methodologies for Shared-Use Vehicle Systems2003_10_01Matt Barth, Michael Todd, and Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Board10PDF
Improving California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit District Connectivity and Access with Segway Human Transporter and Other Low-Speed Mobility Devices2003_07_31Susan A. Shaheen, Caroline J. Rodier, and Amanda M. EakenTransportation Research Record6PDF
Bridging the Last Mile: A Study of the Behavioral, Institutional, and Economic Potential of the Segway Human Transporter2003_01_06Susan A. Shaheen, Ph.D. and Rachel FinsonTransportation Research Board13PDF
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Integrating Vehicle Design and Human Factors: Minimizing Elderly Driving Constraints2001_06_01Susan Shaheen, Debbie NiemeierReport22PDF
Dynamics in Behavioral Adaptation to a Transportation Innovation: A Case Study of Carlink–A Smart Carsharing System1999_12_07Susan Shaheen, PhDReport472PDF
New Mobility: Using Technology and Partnerships To Create More Efficient, Equitable, and Environmentally Sound Transportation1998_11_02Deborah Salon, Daniel Sperling, Susan Shaheen, and Daniel SturgesTransportation Research Board9PDF