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Shared Micromobility Policy Toolkit: Docked and Dockless Bike and Scooter Sharing2019_04_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenReport31PDF
The Benefits of Carpooling2018_10_22Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Alexandre Bayen, PhDReport32PDF
Managing the Transition to Shared Automated Vehicles: Building Today While Designing for Tomorrow2018_05_21Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenBlog1PDF
Understanding How Cities Can Link Smart Mobility Priorities Through Data2018_04_18Susan Shaheen, PhD, Elliot Martin, PhD, Mikaela Hoffman-Stapleton, Peter SlowikReport24PDF
Transportation Research Circular: U.S. Department of Transportation’s Mobility on Demand Initiative2018_03_20Susan Shaheen, PhD Adam Cohen, Elliot Martin, PhDReport160PDF
Is It Time for a Public Transit Renaissance?2018_03_15Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenJournal of Public Transportation15PDF
Shared Mobility: The Potential of Ride Hailing and Pooling2018_03_01Susan Shaheen, PhDReport18PDF
Shared Mobility Policy Briefs: Definitions, Impacts, and Recommendations2018_03_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenReport30PDF
Future of Mobility White Paper2018_01_10Susan Shaheen, PhD, Hannah Totte, Adam StockerReport126PDF
Policy Brief: Pooling Passengers and Services2018_01_09Teddy Forscher and Susan Shaheen, PhDBrief2PDF
Policy Brief: Overview of Shared Mobility2018_01_09Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenBrief3PDF
Policy Brief: Smartphone Applications and Data Impacting Transportation2018_01_09Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenBrief2PDF
Policy Brief: Impacts of Shared Mobility, Pooling2018_01_09Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenBrief3PDF
Policy Brief: Equity and Shared Mobility2018_01_09Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenBrief3PDF
Policy Brief: Impacts of Shared Mobility2018_01_09Susan Shaheen, PhD Adam CohenBrief3PDF
Policy Brief: Road Usage Charging (RUC)2018_01_09Teddy Forscher, Alexandre Bayen, PhD and Susan Shaheen, PhD Brief2PDF
Policy Brief: Shared Mobility Policies for California2018_01_08Susan Shaheen, PhD Adam CohenBrief3PDF
Mobility on Demand: Operational Concept Report2017_09_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Balaji Yelchuru, and Sara SarkhiliReport164PDF
Travel Behavior: Shared Mobility and Transportation Equity2017_08_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Corwin Bell, Adam Cohen, Balaji YelchuruReport66PDF
Shared Automated Mobility and Public Transport2017_06_01Jessica Lazarus, Susan Shaheen, PhD, Stanley Young, Daniel Fagnant, Tom Voege, Will Baumgardner, James Fishelson, Sam LottReport26PDF
Shared Automated Mobility: Early Exploration and Potential Impacts
2017_06_01Adam Stocker, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport17PDF
Mobility and the Sharing Economy: Industry Developments and Early Understanding of Impacts2017_02_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Apaar Bansal, Nelson Chan, Adam CohenReport15PDF
Online and App-Based Carpooling in France: Analyzing Users and Practices—A Study of BlaBlaCar2017_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Stocker, Marie MundlerReport19PDF
Smartphone App Evolution and Early Understanding from a Multimodal App User Survey2017_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Elliot Martin, PhDReport18PDF
Mobile Apps and Transportation: A Review of Smartphone Apps and a Study of User Response to Multimodal Traveler Information2016_09_01Shaheen, PhD, Elliot Martin, PhD, Adam Cohen, Apoorva Musunuri, Abhinav BhattacharyyaReport81PDF
Planning for Shared Mobility2016_07_26Susan Shaheen, Phd, Adam CohenReport108PDF
Shared Mobility: Current Practices and Guiding Principles2016_04_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam CohenReport120PDF
Smartphone Applications to Influence Travel Choices: Practices and Policies2016_04_01Susan Shaheen, PhD Adam CohenReport90PDF
Mobility and the Sharing Economy: Potential to Overcome First- and Last-Mile Public Transit Connections2016_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Nelson ChanReport20PDF
Automated Vehicles, On-Demand Mobility and Environmental Impacts2015_07_01Jeffery Greenblatt, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport14PDF