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Roundtrip Carsharing in New York City: An Evaluation of a Pilot Program and System Impacts2021_02_01Elliot Martin, Adam Stocker, Aqshems Nichols, Susan ShaheenReport63PDFhref="https://escholarship.org/uc/item/1rm9b3r8" rel="noopener" target="_blank">PDF
Can Sharing Economy Platforms Increase Social Equity for Vulnerable Populations in Disaster Response and Relief? A Case Study of the 2017 and 2018 California Wildfires2020_06_12Stephen Wong, Jacquelyn Broader, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives38PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook - Spring 20202020_04_01Susan Shaheen, PhD and Adam CohenOutlook6PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook - Winter 20202020_03_01Susan Shaheen, PhD and Adam CohenOutlook6PDF
Shared Mobility Policy Playbook2019_12_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Michael Randolph, Emily Farrar, Richard Davis, and Aqshems NicholsReport224PDF
Shared mobility and urban form impacts: a case study of peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing in the US2019_11_26Susan Shaheen, PhD, Elliot Martin, PhD, and Mikaela Hoffman-StapletonJournal of Urban Design19PDF
Carsharing's Impact and Future2019_10_23Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, and Emily FarrarAdvances in Transport Policy and Planning Book Chapter31PDF
Carsharing: A Guide for Local Planners2018_05_15Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, PhD, and Ryan McKenzieReport11PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook - Spring 20182018_05_03Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Mark JaffeeOutlook7PDF
MOD Sandbox Demonstrations Independent Evaluation: BART Integrated Carpool to Transit Access Program Evaluation Plan2018_04_01Gustave Cordahi, Susan Shaheen, PhD, Elliot Martin, PhDReport38PDF
Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Carsharing: Understanding Early Markets, Social Dynamics, and Behavioral Impacts2018_03_27Susan Shaheen, Elliot Martin, Apaar BansalReport83PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook - Winter 20182018_02_22Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, and Mark JaffeeOutlook7PDF
One-Way Electric Vehicle Carsharing in San Diego: An Exploration of the Behavioral Impacts of Pricing Incentives on Operational Efficiency2018_01_17Susan Shaheen, PhD, Elliot Martin, PhD, Apaar BansalReport65PDF
North American College/University Market Carsharing Impacts: Results From Zipcar's College Travel Study 20152016_09_30Adam Stocker, Jessica Lazarus, Sophia Becker, Susan ShaheenReport43PDF
Good Practices for Local Governments and Private Companies Driving Change Together in Urban Mobility: Lessons Learned from One-Way Carsharing2016_09_01Clara Terrien, Rémi Maniak, Bo Chen, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport31PDF
Impacts of car2go on Vehicle Ownership, Modal Shift, Vehicle Miles Traveled, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Analysis of Five North American Cities2016_07_12Elliot Martin, Susan ShaheenReport25PDF
Multimobility and Sharing Economy: Shaping the Future Market Through Policy and Research2016_07_02Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Abhinav BhattacharyyaTransportation Research Board E-Circular13PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Winter 20162016_02_02Susan Shaheen, Ph.D, Adam CohenOutlook6PDF
Generic time- and method-interdependencies of empirical impact-measurements: A generalizable model of adaptation-processes of carsharing-users' mobility-behavior over time2016_02_01Jörg Firnkorn, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport31PDF
Understanding Carsharing Risk and Insurance Claims in the United States2016_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Diwen Shen, Elliot Martin, PhDReport18PDF
Shared Mobility: Retrospective from Caltrans Shared Mobility Workshop2015_11_03Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Apaar BansalReport19PDF
Shared Mobility: Definitions, Industry Developments, and Early Understanding2015_11_03Susan Shaheen, Nelson Chan, Apaar Bansal, Adam CohenReport30PDF
Zero- and Low-Emission Vehicles in U.S. Carsharing Fleets: Impacts of Exposure on Member Perceptions2015_09_22Susan Shaheen, Elliot Martin, Apaar BansalReport19PDF
Information Brief: Carsharing for Business – Zipcar Case Study & Impact Analysis2015_07_27Susan Shaheen, Adam StockerInformation Brief3PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Summer 20152015_07_08Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
One-Way Carsharing's Evolution and Operator Perspectives from the Americas2015_05_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Nelson Chan, Helen MicheauxReport33PDF
Mobility and the Sharing Economy: Impacts Synopsis – Spring 20152015_03_01Susan Shaheen, Nelson ChanOutlook4PDF
Shared-Use Mobility: What Does the Future Hold?2015_01_11Susan Shaheen, Matthew ChristensenReport7PDF
Exploring Electric Vehicle Carsharing As A Mobility Option for Older Adults:A Case Study of A Senior Adult Community in The San Francisco Bay Area2015_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Lauren Cano, Madonna CamelReport26PDF
Electric Carsharing in Underserved Communities (Greenlining Institute)2015_01_01Vien Truong, Joel EspinoOutlook18PDF
Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Carsharing: Exploring Public Perception and Market Characteristics in the San Francisco Bay Area2014_12_01Ingrid Ballús-Armet, Susan Shaheen, PhD, Kelly Clonts, David WeinzimmerReport16PDF
Evolution of E-Mobility in Carsharing Business Models2014_12_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Nelson ChanReport11PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Fall 20142014_11_11Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Summer 20142014_07_01Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
Shared-Use Mobility Summit: Retrospective from North America’s First Gathering on Shared-use Mobility2014_06_06Susan Shaheen, Matt ChristensenReport39PDF
Peer-to-Peer Carsharing: Exploring Public Perception and Market Characteristics in the San Francisco Bay Area, California2014_01_27Ingrid Ballús Armet, Susan Shaheen, Kelly Clonts, David WeinzimmerTransportation Research Record10PDF
Applying Integrated ITS Technologies to Carsharing System Management: A CarLink Case Study2013_07_18Susan Shaheen, Kamill WipyewskiReport11PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Summer 20132013_07_01Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenOutlook6PDF
Trends and Trajectory of Shared Mobility2013_06_19Susan ShaheenReport26PDF
Dynamic Ecodriving in Northern California:
A Study of Survey and Vehicle Operations Data from an Ecodriving Feedback Device
2012_11_15Elliot Martin, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Nelson Chan, Nigel Williams, Susan Shaheen, Matthew BarthTransportation Research Board17PDF
Truck Parking and Traffic on I-5 in California: Analysis of a Clipboard Survey and Annual Average Daily Traffic Data2012_11_15Elliot Martin, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Board16PDF
Innovative Mobility Carsharing Outlook – Fall 20122012_09_30Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenOutlook4PDF
Shared-Use Vehicle Services for Sustainable Transportation: Carsharing, Bikesharing, and Personal Vehicle Sharing Across the Globe2012_09_27Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenInternational Journal of Sustainable
Personal Vehicle Sharing Services in North America2012_08_04Susan Shaheen, Mark Mallery, Karla J. KingsleyResearch in Transportation Business & Management11PDF
Carsharing and Personal Vehicle Services: Worldwide Market Developments and Emerging Trends2012_06_26Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenInternational Journal of Sustainable
Shared-Use Vehicle Services for Sustainable Transportation: Carsharing, Bikesharing, and Personal Vehicle Sharing Across the Globe2012_06_01Susan Shaheen, PhDReport3PDF
The Impact of Carsharing on Public Transit and Non-Motorized Travel: An Exploration of North American Carsharing Survey Data2011_12_01Elliot Martin, Susan ShaheenEnergies21PDF
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America2011_12_01Elliot Martin, Susan ShaheenIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems13PDF
Carsharing in Shanghai, China: Analysis of Behavioral Response to Local Survey and Potential Competition2011_11_15Mingquan Wang, Elliot Martin, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Record10PDF
Carsharing Parking Policy: Review of North American Practices and San Francisco, California, Bay Area Case Study2010_12_01Susan Shaheen, Adam Cohen, Elliot MartinTransportation Research Record11PDF
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America Final Report2010_06_01Susan Shaheen, Elliot MartinReport128PDF
Demand for Carsharing Systems in Beijing, China2010_03_15Susan Shaheen, Elliot MartinInternational Journal of Sustainable Transportation27PDF
Carsharing and Public Parking Policies: Assessing Benefits, Costs, and Best Practices in North America2010_03_01Susan Shaheen, Caroline Rodier, Gail Murray, Adam Cohen, Elliot MartinReport90PDF
Impact of Carsharing on Household Vehicle Holdings: Results from a North American Shared-use Vehicle Survey2010_03_01Elliot Martin, Susan Shaheen, Jeffrey LidickerTransportation Research Record9PDF
Carsharing and the Built Environment: Geographic Information System-Based Study of One U.S. Operator2009_12_01Tai Stillwater, Patricia Mokhtarian, and Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Record19PDF
North American Carsharing: A Ten-Year Retrospective2009_05_01Susan Shaheen, Adam Cohen, Melissa ChungTransportation Research Record10North American Carsharing: A Ten-Year Retrospective
Smart Parking Pilot on the Coastal Commuter Rail Line in San Diego, California2008_11_15Tagan Blake, Caroline Rodier, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Board16PDF
Carsharing: A Guide for Local Planners2008_05_01Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, Ryan McKenzieReport11PDF
Growth in Worldwide Carsharing: An International Comparison2007_11_11Susan Shaheen, Adam CohenTransportation Research Record18PDF
Smart Parking Management Field Test: A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District Parking Demonstration; Final Report2007_10_01Caroline J. Rodier, Susan A. Shaheen, Charlene KemmererReport46PDF
Commercial Vehicle Parking in California: Exploratory Evaluation of the Problem2007_08_01Susan A. Shaheen,
Caroline J. Rodier
Innovative Corridors Initiative:
Call for Submissions Process and Evaluation
2007_03_14Rachel S. Finson, Cynthia McCormick, Susan A. ShaheenReport84PDF
Assessing Early Market Potential for Carsharing in China: A Case Study of Beijing2006_11_17Susan Shaheen, Elliot MartinReport18PDF
Carsharing Continues to Gain Momentum2006_07_01Susan ShaheenVital Signs8PDF
Enhanced Transit Strategies: Bus Lanes with Intermittent Priority and ITS Technology Architectures for TOD Enhancement 2006_02_01Michael Todd, Matthew Barth, Michael Eichler, Carlos Daganzo, Susan Shaheen, Ph.DReport108PDF
Carsharing and Station Cars in Asia: Overview of Japan and Singapore2006_01_01Matt Barth, Susan Shaheen, Tuenjai Fukuda, Atsushi FukudaTransportation Research Record20PDF
Carsharing in North America: Market Growth, Current Developments, and Future Potential2006_01_01Susan Shaheen, Adam Cohen, J. Darius RobertsTransportation Research Record21PDF
Travel Effects of A Suburban Commuter Carsharing Service: CarLink Case Study2005_12_21Susan Shaheen, Caroline RodierTransportation Research Record7PDF
Integrated Hydrogen and Intelligent Transportation Systems Evaluation for the California Department of Transportation2005_11_02Timothy Lipman, Susan ShaheenReport63PDF
Framework for Testing Innovative Transit Solutions: Case Study of CarLink, A Commuter Carsharing Program2005_01_01Susan Shaheen, Linda NovickTransportation Research Record29PDF
Initial Scoping of Bay Area Smart Mobility Corridors and ITS World Congress2004_11_01Susan Shaheen, Rachel Finson, Cynthia McCormickReport70PDF
CarLink II: A Commuter Carsharing Pilot Program Final Report2004_08_10Susan Shaheen, Kamill Wipyewski, Caroline Rodier, Linda Novick, Mollyane Meyn, John WrightReport186PDF
Policy Considerations for Carsharing and Station Cars2004_01_01Susan Shaheen, Andrew Schwartz, Kamill WipyewskiTransportation Research Record19PDF
Carsharing and Carfree Housing: Predicted Travel, Emission, and Economic Benefits2004_01_01Caroline Rodier, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Board19PDF
University of California, Davis Long-Range Development Plan: A Davis Smart Mobility Model2003_10_31Susan Shaheen, Caroline Rodier, Rachel FinsonReport184PDF
U.S. Shared-Use Vehicle Survey Findings: Opportunities and Obstacles for Carsharing and Station Car Growth2003_10_01Susan Shaheen, Mollyanne Meyn, Kamill WipyewskiTransportation Research Record20PDF
Unsafe at Any Speed?: What the Literature Says about Low-Speed Modes2003_08_01Caroline Rodier, Susan Shaheen, Stephanie ChungTransportation Research Board27PDF
Davis Smart Mobility Model Project: Initial Scoping & Planning Study2003_06_01Susan Shaheen, Rachel FinsonReport37PDF
California’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate – Linking Clean-Fuel Cars, Carsharing, and Station Car Strategies2002_10_01Susan Shaheen, John Wright, Daniel SperlingTransportation Research Record8PDF
Shared-Use Vehicle Systems: Framework for Classifying Carsharing, Station Cars, and Combined Approaches2002_10_01Matt Barth, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Record8PDF
Examining Intelligent Transportation Technology Elements and Operational Methodologies for Shared-Use Vehicle Systems2002_01_01Matt Barth, Michael Todd, Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Board20PDF
Carsharing in the United States: Examining Market Potential2002_01_01Susan A. ShaheenReport12PDF
Carlink II: Research Approach and Early Findings2001_12_01Susan Shaheen, John WrightReport33PDF
Commuter-Based Carsharing: Market Niche Potential?2001_10_01Susan ShaheenTransportation Research Record6PDF
The CarLink II Pilot Program: Testing a Commuter-Based Carsharing Model2001_08_25Susan Shaheen, John WrightReport7PDF
The CarLink II Pilot Program: Examining the Viability of Transit-Based Carsharing2001_02_01Susan Shaheen, John WrightReport12PDF
CarLink Economics: An Empirically-Based Scenario Analysis2000_07_18Susan Shaheen, Robert UyekiReport8PDF
Carlink – A Smart Carsharing System Field Test Report2000_05_01Susan Shaheen, Ph.D., John Wright, David Dick, Linda NovickReport200PDF
Carlink: A Smart Carsharing System— A Study of Behavioral Adaptation2000_01_01Susan ShaheenReport17PDF
Dynamics in Behavioral Adaptation to a Transportation Innovation: A Case Study of Carlink–A Smart Carsharing System1999_12_07Susan ShaheenReport472PDF
Carsharing: Niche Market or New Pathway1999_12_02Daniel Sperling, Susan ShaheenReport25PDF
A Short History of Carsharing in the ’90s1999_09_01Susan Shaheen, Daniel Sperling, Conrad WagnerThe Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice23PDF
CarLink: A Smart Carsharing System1999_09_01Susan ShaheenThe Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice8PDF
Pooled Cars1999_09_01Susan ShaheenAccess4PDF
Carsharing and Partnership Management: An International Perspective1999_09_01Susan Shaheen, Daniel Sperling, Conrad WagnerReport10PDF
CarLink—A Smart Carsharing System1999_09_01Susan ShaheenJournal of World Transport Policy & Practice9PDF
Identification and Prioritization of
Environmentally Beneficial Intelligent
Transportation Technologies: Modeling
1999_05_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Troy Young, Ph.D, Daniel Sperling, Daniel Jordan, Thomas HoranReport26PDF
New Mobility: Using Technology and Partnerships To Create More Efficient, Equitable, and Environmentally Sound Transportation1998_11_02Deborah Salon, Daniel Sperling, Susan Shaheen, Daniel SturgesTransportation Research Board9PDF
Carsharing in Europe and North America: Past, Present, and Future1998_07_01Susan Shaheen, Daniel Sperling, Conrad WagnerTransportation Quarterly18PDF
Car Sharing and Mobility Management: Facing New Challenges with Technology and Innovative Business Planning1998_03_01Conrad Wagner, Susan ShaheenReport8PDF
Conformity Policy: Air Quality Impact Assessment for Local Transportation Projects1998_03_01Randall Guensler, Susan Shaheen, Francisca Mar, Cameron Y. YeeReport145PDF
Identification and Prioritization of
Environmentally Beneficial Intelligent
Transportation Technologies
1998_01_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Troy Young, Ph.D, Daniel Sperling, Daniel Jordan, Thomas HoranReport306PDF