Identification and Prioritization of Environmentally Beneficial Intelligent Transportation Technologies: Modeling Effort


Authors: Susan Shaheen, Ph.D, Troy Young, Ph.D, Daniel Sperling, Ph.D, Daniel Jordan, Ph.D, Thomas Horan, Ph.D

Date published: May 1, 1999

Abstract: This report deals with a project that involved a review of the environmental impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The final phase of the project involved the development of a model that would be capable of quantifying the short-term environmental impacts of ITS applications along a typical transportation corridor. The report presents a model database with the modifications necessary to manipulate the data into a form suitable for use with INTEGRATION V2.0. The authors describe the difficulties and challenges that were faced in the project, which ultimately led to the unfortunate conclusion of the project without obtaining useful quantitative results from the modeling exercise.

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August 26, 2015