California Transportation Plan 2050: Northern and Southern California Visioning Sessions Findings

Authors: Susan Shaheen, PhD, Hannah Totte, Adam Cohen

Date: December 2018

Abstract: Improving California’s transportation system requires cross-sector collaboration, particularly as technologies, policies, and regulations develop simultaneously. The California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2050 aims to integrate perspectives a diverse array of stakeholder perspectives that may not typically participate in the statewide planning process. The Visioning Sessions facilitated two day-long visioning workshops in October 2018 in Southern and Northern California. Overall, these visioning sessions initiated a much-needed dialogue among experts and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and allowed participants to conceptualize idealized visions for California’s transportation system through 2050. Key goals of the visioning sessions included:

1. Developing visions for CTP2050 incorporating diverse perspectives from an array of statewide stakeholders including private and public sector, academic, and non-profit experts;

2. Identifying existing and policy and investment strategies to actualize the idealized states; and

3. Translating high-level policy and investment suggestions into actionable items.

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January 16, 2019