Why Little Vehicles Will Conquer the City

Why Little Vehicles Will Conquer the City

June 21, 2018


Can e-bikes, electric scooters, velomobiles, and other battery-boosted mobility gizmos really rid the city of the private car?

The public reaction to the arrival of dockless bikes and electric scooters in U.S. cities can be tracked in stages. The first stage, for many, was annoyance. Who were these grown men and women on candy-colored bikes and teeny kick-scooters speeding down the streets and sidewalks, menacing walkers and leaving their rented toys all over the place? Especially in San Francisco, where this whimsical new mobility mode has taken off, scooters have come to represent yet another example of tech industry entitlement, another way for a startup to move fast and break stuff.


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June 22, 2018