Shared Mobility Policy Briefs: Definitions, Impacts, and Recommendations

Authors: Susan Shaheen, PhD and Adam Cohen

Date: March 2018

Abstract: In 2017, researchers from UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center and Institute of Transportation Studies produced eight policy briefs on shared mobility. Shared mobility – the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other travel mode – services are experiencing rapid growth and expansion. This is, in part, due to the launch of innovative business models across California, and their use of the smartphone as a way to enable on-demand transportation options. There is a need to clarify emerging terms and best practices for policymakers amidst the fast-paced developments of the field. Fluency in data sharing opportunities and standards, funding options, and equity considerations will be needed to implement flexible, forward-thinking policies. These topics are covered in the briefs that follow. Each brief includes a presentation of research findings, description of the research approach, and recommendations for the California Legislature. Policymakers and legislatures can refer to these briefs for digestible explanations of research findings and suggestions of ways to apply research to improve California’s transportation system.


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March 6, 2018