Shared Mobility in Low- and High-Income Regions

Authors: Susan Shaheen, Adam Cohen, Jacquelyn Broadeer

Date: January 2023

Abstract: Although shared and informal transport are not new concepts in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs), a variety of economic, environmental, and social forces are contributing to the growth of shared mobility in LMICs around the world. Shared mobility—the shared use of a vehicle, motorcycle, autorickshaw, minibus, scooter, bicycle, or other travel mode—is an innovative transportation strategy that enables users to have short-term access to a transportation mode. This paper documents key shared mobility and informal transport concepts, terms, and definitions around the world. The paper also discusses the state of shared, informal, and emerging mobility in LMICs and explores the potential similarities and differences between the adoption of these innovations in low-, middle-, and high-income economies. The paper concludes with a discussion of gaps in understanding and potential research needs to enhance collective understanding of shared mobility and informal transport in LMICs.

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February 9, 2023