Electric Vehicle Carsharing in a Senior Adult Community in the San Francisco Bay Area

Authors: Susan Shaheen and Lauren Cano

Date: November 15, 2012

Abstract: By the year 2030, the number of people over the age of 65 in the United States is expected to reach 57 million. The Baby Boomer population tends to drive more kilometers annually than previous generations, have wider interests, and will likely be active and healthy well past retirement. This paper examines an electric vehicle (EV) carsharing (short-term vehicle access) service as an alternative to private vehicle ownership for older adults living in a gated community. Research was conducted between Winter 2009 and Spring 2011. The study consisted of in-depth interviews (n=7), four focus groups (n=31), and survey data collection (n=443) with residents of the Rossmoor Senior Adult Community in Walnut Creek, California. Study results indicate that 30% of all survey respondents at Rossmoor are interested in participating in an EV carsharing program in their gated community, while 36% are maybe interested. Eighty-three percent of community-wide survey respondents drive short distances often (i.e., eight kilometers (km) five times a month); 100% of interview respondents plan their trips in advance; and 77% of focus group participants made changes to their driving behavior because of high fuel prices.



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November 15, 2012