To Pool or Not To Pool?


Image of highway with flash of vehicle lights

To Pool or Not to Pool

Author: Jessica Lazarus and Susan Shaheen

Date: December 2021

Over the past decade, on-demand mobility services have changed the way people travel. These services include app-based ride-hailing companies (also known as transportation network companies or TNCs), such as Lyft and Uber. TNCs offer flexible, on-demand rides that can supplement public transit and personal vehicles, and can lower the barriers to living car-free or car-light. However, TNCs also contribute to increasing vehicle mileage, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions, in part due to the time the vehicles spend driving without a passenger, which is known as “deadheading.”

Pooling — multiple travelers sharing a ride in the same vehicle — can mitigate some of these negative impacts.

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December 9, 2021