Online and App-Based Carpooling in France: Analyzing Users and Practices – A Study of BlaBlaCar

Authors: Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Marie Mundler

Date Published: July 5, 2016

Abstract: This paper examines the characteristics and practices of ridesharing users in France. In May 2013 the authors surveyed members of BlaBlaCar, the largest online and app-based carpooling service in France, to analyze the socio-demographic characteristics and usage patterns of the respondents. The survey results identify correlations between socio-demographic characteristics and usage elements. Notably, users with a lower income level are more inclined to be passengers, while higher income users employ carpooling mainly as drivers. Students are shown to be more frequent users as well. These findings indicate some equity balancing effects, which may be unique to this shared mobility mode.



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July 5, 2016