Corporate car sharing: Impact on employees and businesses

Corporate car sharing: Impact on employees and businesses

18 Aug 2015 by Susan Shaheen

Corporate car sharing enables commercial businesses to reduce or eliminate private vehicle fleets by providing their employees with access to shared or “exclusive-use” car sharing vehicles. What benefits do these services have on participating businesses? What are the behavioral impacts of corporate car sharing on employees that use these services?

Corporate car sharing (or business car sharing) is a form of carsharing that allows employees of a business to access car sharing vehicles and sign up through their employer. This is an expanding sector of the overall car sharing market. A 2010 study showed that 32 percent of international carsharing experts reported the business market to be the most profitable – a 12 percentage point increase from four years earlier.

Businesses of varying sizes find car sharing services useful for different reasons. Small businesses may use car sharing to provide their employees with added mobility options at work, while larger companies may use it to replace a company vehicle fleet and simplify related operations.

Companies employ car sharing as a transportation demand management and parking management tool, reducing the need for employees to drive to work by providing at-work mobility. This can reduce an employee’s reliance on a private vehicle for commuting, while still retaining on-demand mobility for work-related travel and meetings. Furthermore, corporate carsharing can reduce the costs of supplying fleet vehicles or rental cars by employers.

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September 1, 2015