Carsharing: A Guide for Local Planners


Authors: Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, and Ryan McKenzie

Date: May 01, 2008

Abstract: Transportation issues can create seemingly no-win conflicts for planners, whether it’s dealing with traffic demand management, wrangling over parking requirements, addressing quality of life issues that accompany traffic congestion, or trying to reduce vehicle emissions to forestall climate change. A new “product-as-service” approach to vehicle use, called carsharing, is springing up in major metropolitan markets, smaller districts, and university campuses all across the country. Where the conditions are right to support carsharing, these programs can give planners another flexible tool to help address these issues in their communities. Carsharing: A Guide for Local Planners provides an overview of what local governments and urban planners need to know about carsharing and key policies that can be used to encourage carsharing as a transportation alternative in your city.



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May 1, 2008