Are Uber and Lyft Really ‘Disrupting’ Transportation?

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Are Uber and Lyft Really ‘Disrupting’ Transportation?

By Bryan Goebel December 7, 2015 Photo: Ericka Cruz Guevarra/KQED

Despite all the buzz about how ride services such as Uber and Lyft are “revolutionizing” urban transportation, very little data have been available to show just how they might be changing driving habits in the Bay Area or California.

How many people are ditching their cars and taking Lyft? How many transit riders are using Uber to get to and from a train or bus? Are some leaving transit altogether? Are ride services contributing to congestion, and how are they impacting the environment?

“As a transportation policy person, right now I’m agnostic with these modes about whether they’re quote ‘good or bad’ for the city,” said Timothy Papandreou, director of innovation for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. “Until we find out the data, we can’t really have an opinion.”

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February 10, 2016