Advanced Air Mobility

TitleDate PublishedAuthor(s)TypeNo. of PagesFull Document
Advanced Air Mobility Community Integration Considerations Playbook2023_05_01Adam Cohen, Shahab Hasan, Nancy L Mendonca, Yolanka WulffReport28PDF
Future of Aviation: Advancing Aerial Mobility through Technology, Sustainability, and On-Demand Flight2023_03_01Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport39PDF
Urban Air Mobility: Opportunities and Obstacles2021_05_17Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, PhDBook Chapter7PDF
An Initial Assessment of the Potential Weather Barriers of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)2021_01_01Colleen Reiche, PhD, Adam Cohen, Chris FernandoJournal Article12PDF
Urban Air Mobility: History, Ecosystem, Market Potential, and Challenges2021_01_01Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen, PhD, Emily, FarrarJournal Article14PDF
Reimagining the Future of Transportation with Personal Flight: Preparing and Planning for Urban Air Mobility2020_01_12Adam Cohen, Justin Guan, Matthew Beamer, Ryan Dittoe, Seyedmirsajad MokhtarimousaviWorkshop Summary58PDF
Advanced Air Mobility: Demand Analysis and Market Potential of the Airport Shuttle and Air Taxi Markets2021_07_02Rohit Goyal, Colleen Reiche, Chris Fernando, Adam CohenJournal Article15PDF
A Legal and Regulatory Assessment for the Potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)2018_11_21Jacqueline Serrao, Sarah Nilsson, Shawn KimmelReport32PDF
An Assessment of the Potential Weather Barriers of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)2018_11_21Colleen Reiche, PhD, Frank Brody, Christian McGillen, Adam CohenReport22PDF
Urban Air Mobility Market Study2018_11_21Colleen Reiche, PhD, Rohit Goyal, Adam Cohen, Jacqueline Serrao, Shawn Kimmel, PhD, Chris Fernando, Susan Shaheen, PhDReport163PDF
The Potential Societal Barriers of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)2018_11_21Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Emily FarrarReport115PDF