TitleDate PublishedAuthor(s)CitationNo. of PagesFull Publication
How Public Education on Ecodriving Can Reduce Both Fuel Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions2012_01_01Elliot Martin, Nelson Chan, Susan ShaheenTransportation Researcah Board21PDF
Ecodriving and Carbon Footprinting: Understanding How Public Education Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Use2011_11_15Elliot Martin, Nelson Chan, Susan ShaheenMineta Transportation Institute184PDF
Virtual Commercial Vehicle Compliance Stations: A Review of Legal and Institutional Issues2006_01_01Caroline Rodier, Susan Shaheen, Ellen CavanaghTransportation Research Record20PDF
Concurrent Air Quality Analysis Under the National Environmental Policy Act and Transportation/Air Quality Conformity1995_10_10Susan Shaheen, Randall Guensler, Francisca MarTransportation Quarterly9PDF