TitleDate PublishedAuthor(s)CitationNo. of PagesFull Document
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Shared Mobility Policy Playbook2019_12_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Michael Randolph, Emily Farrar, Richard Davis, and Aqshems NicholsReport224PDF
The Benefits of Carpooling2018_10_22Susan Shaheen, PhD, Adam Cohen, Alexandre Bayen, PhDReport32PDF
Shared Mobility: The Potential of Ride Hailing and Pooling2018_03_01Susan Shaheen, PhDReport18PDF
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Casual Carpooling in the San Francisco Bay Area: Understanding User Characteristics, Behaviors, and Motivations2016_10_01Susan Shaheen, PhD, Nelson Chan, Theresa GaynorReport17PDF
Planning for Shared Mobility2016_07_26Susan Shaheen, Phd, Adam CohenReport108PDF
Online and App-Based Carpooling in France: Analyzing Users and Practices – A Study of BlaBlaCar2016_07_05Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Marie MundlerReport17PDF
Multimobility and Sharing Economy: Shaping the Future Market Through Policy and Research2016_07_02Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Abhinav BhattacharyyaTransportation Research Board E-Circular13PDF
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Shared Mobility: Definitions, Industry Developments, and Early Understanding2015_11_03Susan Shaheen, Nelson Chan, Apaar Bansal, Adam CohenReport30PDF
Shared Mobility: Retrospective From Caltrans Shared Mobility Workshop2015_11_03Susan Shaheen, Adam Stocker, Apaar BansalReport19PDF
Mobility and the Sharing Economy: Impacts Synopsis – Spring 20152015_03_01Susan Shaheen, Nelson ChanOutlook4PDF
Shared-Use Mobility: What Does the Future Hold?2015_01_11Susan Shaheen, Matt ChristensenReport7PDF
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